Arrogance is the catalyst for relapse

Bottom Line: Arrogance is a weakness and is the catalyst for relapse. Humility is empowerment and assertiveness and will give people in recovery the strength to stay sober.

Arrogance is considered to be one of the least attractive personality traits. Individuals with an overbearing attitude can be difficult to be around. Their behavior can cause a great deal of upset and conflict. People who fall into addiction will often develop an arrogant attitude. This can prevent them from seeking help for their problems. Carrying this arrogant attitude with them into recovery can lead to a bumpy ride in recovery and increase the chances of returning to their addiction.

arrogance It is common for addicts to develop an arrogant attitude. This occurs partially as a defense mechanism and also because such individuals can completely lose touch with reality. The life of an addict is full of lies and denial. Their arrogant attitude means they can ignore the reality of their situation.

This arrogance can be carried over into recovery and can be very dangerous! Arrogant people in recovery will often find themselves dealing with dry drunk syndrome. Their life away from addiction is not very satisfying but they just hang on in there. They are likely to view their time away from alcohol and drugs as being similar to serving a prison sentence. Such individuals will tend to be full of anger and resentment because their life in recovery is so unsatisfying which leads to a higher relapse rate.

Arrogant people tend to be poor learners. They already act as if they know all the answers. In order to build a successful life away from addiction, the individual needs to be constantly learning. If this does not happen they are unlikely to find success in their recovery or in other areas of their lives.

If people are arrogant they will be far more likely to relapse. Their feelings of superiority will prevent them from admitting their recovery is in danger. They may not even be able to admit this to themselves. Because of their superior behavior, it can be hard for them to make friends in recovery because it tends to rub people the wrong way. They may appear rude to other people. This means that such individuals will frequently find themselves in confrontational situations. Regularly bumping heads with others can cause a great deal of stress in life. This stress can trigger the addict to get high and or drunk, leading them into relapse.

In order to get the most out of life in recovery the individual needs to develop emotional sobriety. This will not occur while the individual has an arrogant attitude.

Learning to be humble in sobriety can bring many great benefits including the eradication of arrogance. Humility is not about becoming passive or weak. It means just owning up to weaknesses and human fallibility. Nobody is perfect, and the humble person is honest about this. It takes a great deal of courage for a usually arrogant person to show humility, but the rewards of doing so are well worth it. In order to get the most out of recovery the individual will need to have at least some degree of humility. They need to be teachable.

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