Hope and Truth – The Fine Line

Where? – How? – When? – Who?

Substance abusers are often unsure of what to expect from treatment, and their sense of optimism may be tempered by that uncertainty and fear. Complicating things further, there are a ton of misconceptions and rumors about the rehabilitation process, and some truths behind these rumors, as well. This is why it is so important for an individual who is looking to get help in their addiction or someone who is seeking help for their loved one to do their homework before choosing the best place to go.

There is evidence that suggests many institutions are ineffective or even potentially harmful. Most of these unregulated, residential centers do not effectively identify or treat the most common psychiatric issues that affect individuals with behavior problems causing addiction.

hope and truth Let’s begin with traditional interventions. This way of handling a situation can have a negative effect on the person suffering from the addiction because often it seems forced to the addict unless the interventionist is highly skilled and experienced. This solution is much less effective compared to approaches that use more supportive methods, such as community reinforcement and family therapy. These approaches focus on building a social environment that reinforces sobriety. Someone once said the meaning of hope can be translated as – “Hold On Pain Ends” (H.O.P.E.), which is the sheer truth. Pain can end, and it will if you decide to choose a different way of living. When a person is ready to get their life back and break free from their addiction there is a lot to consider.

The relapse rate in addiction is unfortunately high due to the lack of support offered after “treatment” is completed. Numerous programs fail to take advantage of medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to aid recovery. Other research says that these programs do not provide talk therapy programs that are proven effective and instead rely on punishing the patients with boot camp style strategies such as emotional attacks that are humiliating and open their trauma wounds. These kinds of strategies are known to send people back to drugs and alcohol.

Another factor to take into consideration when finding the right treatment center is how their program is actually run from an emotional/supportive standpoint. Most addicts do not seek help because they feel ashamed, guilty, and have a fear of being judged by professionals. There was a recent speech given at the UCLA campus by Dr. Adi Jaffe, who has been studying addiction for about 12 years. He mentions that in his research over 85% of drug addicts do not seek help. Out of this 85%, 75% of them mentioned humiliation and shame as the reason why they did not feel comfortable to share about their issues.

The bottom line is most treatment centers OVER PROMISE and UNDER DELIVER! Drug addiction is a real problem with a lot of people these days. Once one starts down the road of highly addictive drugs, it can and will be hard getting off. There is no common treatment formula that works for everyone.  Each person’s addiction has a unique cause and unless that cause is understood it is difficult to define the lifestyle changes necessary to remain sober. With the help of supportive, knowledgeable, and caring professionals one can be successful in recovery! There is HOPE once you do your homework and research the TRUTH before committing to detox, rehab, IOP program, or any other form of treatment.

hope and truth When doing your research about treatment options be sure to take into consideration the following things… how many years they have been in business, their sobriety success rate, credentials of their staff, the types and variety of programs they offer to provide what is right for you or your loved one, and for having a team of people who authentically care about the wellbeing of others. Check their reviews and what other patients have said about their experience at their facility. Take the time to have a conversation with the employees – you can always get a feel for the authenticity of these professionals when having a one to one conversation.

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