How do you treat your mind?

How do you treat your mind? What things do you fill your head with? What words do you speak to it? Do you trust it? Do you love your own mind?

Our minds are very fragile, and they need a certain kind of care in order to remain healthy and sharp.

Sometimes our mind is like a beloved child. It needs constant care and reminders of how much it is loved, valued, and treasured. Sometimes it plays nicely, finds the beauty in every single thing, and is in awe at the wonders and blessings life offers. Other times though, it pouts, complains, screams, and stamps its feet in anger and discontent. How do you treat your mind?

These temper tantrums can be exhausting, and many times may make you feel like turning your back. On these tricky days, take deep breaths and practice self-care, nurture your mind, let it cry if it needs to, and set some boundaries too so it doesn’t get lost. Encourage your mind, “You got this, you’ve got all of this!” 

We’ve all neglected, said mean, cruel nasty comments to ourselves on a daily basis – hurting ourselves deeply and wounding ourselves painfully. But there is a different path. There is a different way to treat yourself.

You and your beautiful mind are a team and together CAN defeat shame and guilt, abuse, labels, judgments, any hardships in the past, present, and future. Together, you are invincible. When you decide to nurture your mind and stop fighting it you will find that together you are brave and strong. Let’s not fall for the tricks that our minds sometimes play on us.

The truth is, you carry a light and galaxies of stars inside. Keep away from an imaginary hell, walk with your chin up under the light and away from the shadows. If you want to make a change, grow or break a habit or routine, look to your environment – the people around you, where you work, what you read, and how you speak to yourself. All have significant influences on what you are internalizing and have an impact on the health of both you and your mind.

Here are four tips on keeping a healthy mind to help you on your way!


How do you treat your mind? We read about the profound effect that meditation has on our mind, but do you actually do it on a daily basis. It will be challenging at first but continue to practice and you will find it eventually becomes pretty effortless if you give yourself enough time to relax. When you meditate, you are giving your mind time to clear, reformat itself for all the new information that is going to be taken in the following day, or a day ahead.

2- Use Daily Affirmations

We manifest our fate every step of the way, through our dreams, imaginings, projections, and expectations. But most especially it’s how and what we think about ourselves that determines how happy we will be. Researchers have conclusively shown that when we think positive thoughts, we enjoy enormous short-term and long-term benefits. So, if faced with a choice of positive or negative thoughts, why not go with positive and see what happens? It’s like seeing your glass half full instead of half empty. The glass has the same amount of water in it either way. So why not see the glass as half full?

3- Surround yourself with people who give you opportunities to grow.

If you continue to hold on to relationships that no longer serve you, they sap your energy resources or distract you from focusing your mind. Holding on to old friends who do not serve you blocks the doorway to gaining new ones. Don’t be afraid to let go if you feel the time is right; you will find that new opportunities will arise as a result. You never know who that next amazing person/teacher/friend/lover/mentor is going to be!

4- Spend your time doing something you LOVE!

The most important thing of all is to ensure you spend time doing a hobby or activity you love. When we participate in doing something we love, we radiate so many positive emotions, all emanating out into the universe to bring you back more joy and happiness. So many people get stuck in a rut and lose focus on what is important and bring them pleasure. Find something you love to do and do it daily. Make time for it, and even better, make a career out of it! Life is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Of course, you can learn through pain, but why learn through pain when you can learn and grow through pleasure?

Once you begin to integrate these practices into your life you won’t believe all the secrets, stories, and lies you once believed. Your mind will get wiser if it is synced to your heart. Some days your mind will be open and will shine its light, but other times it may not be as open and may want to hide and curl up. Let it rest and try again later when it is calmer. 

The trick is to never abandon your precious self, be your own best friend, and always be there for yourself even when you feel you are not worth it, because in the end, you can choose to be your own worst enemy or your own best friend.

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