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Xanax Addiction Treatment

Soul Sanctuary was created to heal the souls of individuals at the depth of despair over their addiction to drugs and alcohol. We are a small residential rehab facility located in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA right on the ocean.

Xanax Rehab in Laguna Beach

While Xanax is a useful medication for people who struggle with anxiety disorders, it carries significant risk. Developing a tolerance for Xanax can happen quickly, requiring the user to increase the dosage to achieve the same effects as before. Soul Sanctuary provides Xanax abuse treatment at our Laguna Beach, California recovery center. Our evidence-based treatment programs use proven practices that work to reduce addictive behaviors. 

What is Xanax?

xanax addiction rehab

Xanax (brand name alprazolam) is part of the benzodiazepines group; these types of drugs are used to treat anxiety disorders and panic disorders. Xanax is a highly prescribed psychiatric medication. It decreases unusually high excitement in the brain and produces a calming effect throughout the entire body. Xanax can slow down the brain’s chemical movement that becomes unbalanced due to the unnatural level of excitement, causing tension and anxiety. 

Xanax boosts the natural chemical in the brain now as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Though Xanax helps counteract the effects of an anxiety disorder, its addictive qualities can lead to substance abuse. Drug abuse is a common issue among prescription medications. It is typical for a person with a Xanax addiction to take 20 to 30 pills a day. Once a person has developed an addiction, it is nearly impossible to participate in previous activities such as work, school, social events, or relationships. Instead, they exhibit negative drug-seeking behaviors.

Signs of Xanax Addiction

Signs that someone has developed an addiction to Xanax include:

Xanax Addiction Treatment

Nearly 40% of people who use benzodiazepines on a daily basis will develop an addiction. In order to stop using Xanax, rehab programs will need to focus on the physical and psychological aspects of the addiction. 

Patients must learn to resist the physical compulsion to use the drug and the mental cravings for it. Xanax addiction treatment centers, such as Soul Sanctuary offer detox and therapy services that focus on flushing Xanax out of the body and functioning without using drugs. 

Once the decision has been made to stop using Xanax, the next thing to do is go to a residential treatment center. Quitting “cold turkey” is dangerous, especially without access to medical help.

xanax addiction rehab

Xanax withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous; the severity of symptoms typically depends on the amount of Xanax taken by the patient, how often it was taken, and how long it was abused. In extreme cases, withdrawal can be deadly.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When detoxing from Xanax, the patient can experience a variety of physical and mental symptoms. These symptoms can include:

Symptoms will appear between 8 to 12 hours after the last dose of Xanax. Detox treatment facilities will taper doses to decrease severe symptoms and prevent the risk of death. Withdrawal symptoms will usually peak during the second day and begin to decline after 4 or 5 days. Acute symptoms, however, can last for an extended period of time.

It is estimated that roughly 25% of patients who used benzodiazepines long-term will experience a protracted withdrawal. This is a type of long-term withdrawal that is impacted by waves of psychological symptoms. Protracted withdrawal can last for up to a year, with symptoms coming and going erratically. 

Risks of Xanax Withdrawal

xanax addiction rehab

Xanax withdrawal can be extremely dangerous if done alone without any medical assistance. Withdrawal can induce seizures and cause symptoms of previously diagnosed mental illnesses to return. 

Those diagnosed with mental illness, such as PTSD, borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorder, or panic disorder, and were prescribed Xanax,  need to be alert for signs of returning issues. Rehab centers offer direct access to doctors, which will be invaluable during this time.

Xanax Addiction Treatment at Soul Sanctuary

At Soul Sanctuary, we treat each patient as an individual. We know that your experiences with addiction are personal and will need specialized treatment to address your individual needs. At our Laguna Beach rehabilitation center, we work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that can be adjusted as you progress through the program. 

The drug and alcohol treatment services we provide include detoxification. Monitored by highly trained medical staff that can offer immediate assistance when needed. We incorporate multiple therapies into our programs that help you discover underlying issues that contributed to the cause of your addiction. You will also be taught new coping skills to take with you after you leave our recovery center that you can implement in stressful situations, thereby preventing relapse.

xanax addiction rehab

If you or a loved one is suffering from a Xanax addiction, contact us today and learn more bout how we can help you.

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