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Soul Sanctuary was created to heal the souls of individuals at the depth of despair over their addiction to drugs and alcohol. We are a small residential rehab facility located in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA right on the ocean.

Detox in a safe, comfortable setting while being attended to by our caring and experienced staff. Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be painful, uncomfortable, and in some cases life-threatening. It is imperative to your health to be observed and monitored by professionals when first stopping substance use. In this level of care, you will be able to receive supportive medications, daily counseling, exercise, and recreation, while having all the comforts of your own home. Our staff will monitor you for any adverse symptoms and listen to you about how you are feeling. You will also be introduced to your ongoing care options and create a plan for lasting recovery.

Soul Sanctuary provides a safe and structured environment with a team of professionals dedicated to you or your loved one’s growth. Each client we take in to our facility has a treatment plan individually tailored to them and our residential program is designed to accommodate each one. 

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